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What is Nerdtopia?

The original site was founded in 2005 with the vision of "for nerds, by nerds". The idea was that it would be a place for nerds to hang out. Computer nerds were a particular speciality, but other nerds were invited to. Comic book nerds, movie nerds, sports nerds (yes, they do exist), video game nerds, anime nerds, and a million other nerd hobbies that came along the way.

Eventually I came to the conclusion that my hobbies (and my fellow nerds' hobbies) were just too good to keep to ourselves. "for nerds, by nerds" quickly morphed into "for everybody, by nerds". Once reunited with the rest of the world Nerdtopia got busy providing the kinds of great things you would expect out of nerd-dom. We've got three dimensional chess boards, a reversi program that can go 8x8x8 down to 5x5x5, a virtual conversationalist for those lonely nights when only a computer can give you proper company, a little rock-paper-scissors in Nerdtopia style of course, and much much more on the way.

Yes, this is truly where nerds come to play! Now sit back, relax, and let your inner nerd come out.